Not all fast food is bad for you, ours certainly isn’t. From the break of dawn until late at night, we are making coffees, pies, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and all sorts of fresh goodies for you. We do this every day to guarantee you fresh food, straight from the source and into your hands as fast as we can make it. For us, faster is fresher and as we all know, fresh is best.

Local ingredients like Scrubby Gully free-range eggs and Bangalow bacon go into our delicious Bacon & Egg rolls. Wardell Pies from, you guessed it, Wardell, are hugely popular and sell quickly most days, so grab one while you can.

If you want something a little healthier, why not indulge in a Lennox Head Gelato. They’re the perfect, low-fat treat in warm weather (not that you need an excuse). Maybe something from Happy Belly Probiotics, who provide us with some of the healthiest thirst quenching drinks on the East Coast. And if you’re feeling a little bit naughty, you could pick up a couple of Jaymin’s cakes and pastries or maybe a Byron Bay Brownie (or two) on the way out.

That’s the Station way.


We sell a huge range of fruit & veggies from around the region, all farm fresh, and much of it organic as well.

Daily deliveries from farmers mean you’ll get a chance to say G’day if you see them in store tending to their produce. You can’t get fresher than that. Let them know what you think, they’ll appreciate it and so will we. It’s all being part of our community.

Given the choice, we know you’d prefer local so that’s what we’re providing, each and every day.


We are here to make mealtime easy, too.

Anything you’d buy from a supermarket, we have something better, guaranteed. In fact, we have so many fantastic local suppliers we just keep saying yes to them.

It’s good for you guys of course, as the range just keeps expanding. Current family members include Byron Bay Pizzas, Lennox Head Gelato, Wardell Pies, Yellow Flower Curries, Barambah Organics, Botero Coffee, Yumbars to name a few.

Oh, did we mention parking? No queues, lots of spaces and lots of smiles, because we know you’ve had a long day.



From the early hours of the morning when you need a boost, to late afternoon when you start fading, we’ve got you covered.

We know you want awesome coffee without any delay, who doesn’t? So, we have dedicated Baristas in every store. They’re up earlier than you to make sure your coffee is the best for a great start to the day.

Our coffee comes from Botero Roasters “the nature of coffee” in Maclean. Each origin is roasted individually to develop their complex flavours and subtle clarity. It’s then blended and packaged on the same day and sent to us, so we can craft you an amazing cup of coffee. That’s right, because we always choose local, you get the freshest coffee every time.


We want to brighten your day, and what does that better than your favourite flowers?

Our florists in Lennox Head receive fresh, beautifully scented flowers every morning. The guys then create traditional and funky bouquets that get delivered by hand, to our stores. daily.

No middlemen. Sold direct to you. Making these beautiful flowers surprisingly affordable. Instead of flowers being overpriced and just for a special occasion, you can indulge yourself more often. Beautiful flowers, every day. Isn’t that how life should be?


Our Ballina and Goonellabah locations have modern, high-tech car washes to keep your car especially clean and shiny.

Using the latest technology, our car washes are touch-free, which means the cleaning is done by high-pressure water and powerful air dryers. Nothing touches your vehicle for this wash type, so no need to worry about large brushes scratching the bodywork.


We’ve got to admit, it’s no surprise, the fuel isn’t local after all. While we can’t keep the fuel local we can still stick to our principle of providing you with the best quality with everything we do. And it’s not just us that think so. Leading industrial and interstate companies down to small local businesses come to us for our high-performance fuels. They trust us to understand what they need and provide it for them. We’ll do the same for you.